Mike Yaker, Founder

Mike Yaker, also known as Chief Bad Axe by many, is a master timber framer with over 25 years of experience.  He has designed and built dozens of structures across North America. He has felled the trees, and hewn the logs. He has fitted the joints.

He understands the value of a good tool.

All axe heads are made, one at a time, in a forge in Central Wisconsin, and each handle is split, crafted and finished at his worksop nearby.

“I founded the Maker Axe Company to forge axes that celebrate and re-create the best of the American Spirit. To promote Wood Culture — the integration of natural environment, with our built environment. To inspire and enable self-dependence, in making and creating wood products for use in daily life. To chop up the dysfunction, corruption and greed embedded in our institutions.

The Maker Axe Co is a pay-it-forward, carbon positive, added value carbon company.

I want to inspire people, to chop wood and make things.”   

– Mike Yaker